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Catching Up With Jujubee

Airline Inthyrath, Jujubee's alter ego, talks about getting married, animal advocacy, drag on a national level, and hints at releasing an album

Catching Up With Nigel Barker

The host of 'The Face' talks beauty, why supermodels are like 'stallions,' and the David Mixner biopic he's directing

Tegan and Sara Make Our 'Heartthrob'

PLUS: Watch the duo interview Kate Moennig about being a 'Heartthrob'

Christopher Owens Releases 'Lysandre'

The former frontman of the indie group Girls, and new face of Saint Laurent Paris, strikes out on his own

J. Crew Endorses the Gay Crew

J. Crew’s website has always had a bridal section, but this time there's no bride!

Mondo Guerra's Designs Help Fight HIV/AIDS

The designer and 'Project Runway' favorite works to help spread awareness and support for those living with HIV or AIDS.


Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Proves Punk Isn't Just for Boys

'Transgender Dysphoria Blues' is the title of Against Me!’s new album coming out next year, and it's pretty fitting considering front man Tom Gabel is now front woman Laura Jane Grace.

Trans* Voters May Face Discrimination at the Polls

Transgender voters may be stopped if their appearance doesn't match the letter on the driver's license of birth certificate, barring them from the polls.

Inspiration Behind GANT Rugger's Team Americano

GANT creative director Christopher Bastin and Team Americano hosted an intimate event at Skylight at the McKittrick Hotel.