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Trans People Are Being Killed at Extreme Rates & the GOP Still Pushes Transphobic Laws

The Human Rights Campaign released its annual report on Transgender Day of Remembrance, highlighting the disproporionate violence transgender and gender nonconforming people face.

In Search of a Safe Space, Club Q Shooting Survivors Look for Ways to Push Forward Without Fear

A shooter killed 5 people at a Colorado gay bar just before midnight on November 19, 2022. More than a dozen were injured. Here some share their thoughts on what's happened in the last year.

Screen Actors Guild & AMPTP Reach Deal to End the Strike

It seems like SAG and Hollywood studios have finally struck a deal!

18 Pics That Prove Brian Sims & Alex Drakos Are Couple Goals

Sims, who was the first out gay elected official in Pennsylvania history, is now officially engaged to Drakos after recently popping the question!

Lil Nas X's Documentary Premiere Was Disrupted by a Bomb Threat

The film's premiere was delayed by 30 minutes.

Equalpride Announces Support of Kevin Aviance's CVNTY Ball Tour

Kevin Aviance’s tour kicks off this weekend.

NPR's Ari Shapiro Learned a Lot From Radical Faeries

From cabarets with Alan Cumming to communes with Radical Faeries, the lauded journalist shares highlights from his memoir, The Best Strangers in the World.