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We know, we know. Everday we have at least one obligatory Lady Gaga post -- but what can we say, the zeitgeist-riding songstress and performance artist always seems to be doing something worth noting.

May 12 2011 2:21 PM

Um, this just landed in our inbox from a friend of a friend, and it is just too creepy to not share with you:

Um, what in Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head is going on here!? Prince William and Duchess Kate are just pawns in some sick plan to suffuse the psyche's of young children with Disney imagery! Was this a marketing plan started decades ago? So, so twisted. 

May 12 2011 12:02 PM


May 12 2011 11:45 AM

Get Groomed: The Moustache Grower's Guide

May 12 2011 9:06 AM

Princess Beatrice is auctioning off her fabulous Royal Wedding hat! How could she bare to part with it? 

May 12 2011 5:30 AM

Lady Gaga, styled by Nicola Formichetti for the cover of V Magazine's Asia issue (why she's on the cover, we're not entirely sure, but anyways....) as shot by fashion photog duo Inez & Vinoodh. Fierce look -- we're just glad she's ditched the Born This Way prosthetics. Look for it on newsstands tomorrow. 

May 11 2011 11:17 AM

When we were in college, Sex and the City was still on the air, making girls and gays giggle on Sundays. We watched with baited breath each week as Carrie Bradshaw muddled through the trenches of romance, marriage, friendship and all the other urban perks of being fabulous and young(ish) in New York. Oh how we aspired to be her, that Carrie Bradshaw. So much so that we hopped on the next bus to New York, fresh-faced from college graduation, diploma in hand.

May 11 2011 9:12 AM

Apologies everyone. Our computer is hung-over today, so she was giving us sass all morning. No worries, though, we just gave her a big heaping dose of uh-uh and some finger waving, and she's back up and running! On to the news: 

May 11 2011 8:04 AM


There is a sexy shirtless model in the Diesel video above. That is all. 

May 10 2011 1:17 PM

How do you solve a problem like Kanye West? The answer is seemingly: You don't have to. Has he had some misguided moments? Sure. But he's consistently proven that he's dedicated -- obsessed, even -- to remaining at the intersection of music, fashion and art, no matter what naysayers may whisper behind his back (or tweet to his face, for that matter), and for that we have to give him respect.

May 10 2011 12:46 PM