Truman Says

An interesting blind item came through to us, courtesy of Gawker:

This famous celebrity designer was at a dinner party the other night on the East Coast with other rich and powerful and when a hair was found in his food, he threw the plate, dinner and all, at the waiter who ended up not pressing charges, but needing stitches.

July 14 2011 8:19 AM

We've already extolled the virtues of Prada's statement piece of the season -- the Lurex polo shirt -- but yesterday, when we re-acquainted ourselves with Marc Jacobs' fall collection for men we were reminded that he, too, added a little shimmer to his shirting.

July 14 2011 8:09 AM

Gawker posits that Zac Efron is not a young teen hottie, but the owner of four nipples. We just want to post a picture of him shirtless. 

Rumors are flying that  Kanye West is debuting a womenswear collection at New York Fashion Week this September.  

July 14 2011 5:30 AM

Christy [Turlington] and Naomi are very different characters. Christy was a dream, very professional and calm, whereas Naomi was less disciplined and used to get me into trouble. Mostly it was because she was late, but sometimes she just didn't turn up. I used to lie to her about what time she had to be at a job, but she soon worked that out, so I had to lie further. If the call time was 10am, I would tell her it was 8am so she would think it was 9am, but I still had to cross my fingers that she'd be on time. She missed planes too.

2:49 PM

Ever since Kate Middleton became betrothed to England's #1 son, people have hailed her as the newest fashion icon. Everything she wears, whether it be Alexander McQueen or Reiss, is dissected, analyzed, critiqued, pondered, written about, tweeted about and all that. But at the end of the day, girlfriend has a killer bod, perfect brows and a luscious mane of hair. Chances are that she'll look good in a huge range of clothing.

2:00 PM

Michelle Obama, whose chosen platform as FLOTUS is preventing childhood obesity, ate a burger and now people are pissed. The nerve that woman has. 

GQ ranks the worst-dressed cities in America. Should you happen to live in one of said cities, move immediately or forever sport those Crocs.  

6:06 AM

So Tilda Swinton has been one of those under-the-radar actresses who consistently serves it anytime she's in a movie. The woman, with her steely, unconventionally beautiful face, lanky body and chameleon-like ability to shape-shift rarely disappoints when she's headlining a film. But in the context of cinema, she's just so, well, quotidian. Where she truly shines is when she's embracing her true love of fashion -- be it on the red carpet or in a psychedelic photo shoot.

July 12 2011 7:30 AM

Lady Gaga: pop singer, songwriter, provocateur, fashion icon, fashion faux pas, party monster, Mother monster, entertainer, sex object, anti-sex object. It's all there folks. There is nothing this Lady can't do, and that includes penning a monthly column in V Magazine. Last month's was a lengthy didactic on the meaning of art and a defense of the constant criticism that she is merely a Xerox of those who came before her.

July 12 2011 6:15 AM

Nobody really seems to like Megan Fox -- including the folks over at Emporio Armani who have just hired pop sensation Rihanna to replace the "actress" in their underwear ads.

July 12 2011 5:30 AM