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Truman Says

If you're a guy, there are certain tasks that nature has thrust upon you that are inescapable (killing bugs, listening to girls talk about their man troubles, for example). Shaving, too, is certainly one of these things. It's an unavoidable (well, almost -- Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the exception to that rule) responsibility that one must partake in. It's by no means an enormous undertaking, but its a minor annoyance nonetheless.

July 21 2011 2:44 PM

For those of you who think that modeling is an easy business, filled with exotic travel, endless parties, getting paid to walk down a runway and then putter off to the next show -- you'd be right. and Justin Wu caught up with the biggest names in male modeling during the spring 2012 shows. Looks like they had plenty of time to do boy things....and look oh-so-cute doing them. Enjoy the silliness and hotness of the video below. 

July 21 2011 6:15 AM

With September issues about to hit stands, Condé Nast publisher Susan Plagemann announced which magazine had the most ad pages by confirming the obvious: Vogue wins, betches. 

More than half-a-million people have seen the Met's Alexander McQueen exhibit "Savage Beauty". 

July 21 2011 5:30 AM

Aw. We love this. On the eve of gay marriage being recognized in the state of New York, one of the publishing world's most debonair dudes, Stefano Tonchi -- editor in chief of W Magazine -- and his boyfriend (maybe soon-to-be hubby?) gallery owner David Maupin have welcomed two baby girls to their home.

July 20 2011 5:13 PM

When Christian Siriano hit the airwaves for the fourth season of Project Runway, he virtually created his  own patois amongst the show's fans. Immediately, "hot tranny mess" came to mean extraordinarily bad, while "fierce" became shorthand for something that was aggressively fabulous.

July 20 2011 4:51 PM

Um, looks like Anderson Cooper's has some filthy, nasty fetishes (like all WASPs), but we'd play along to snuggle with Coops. 

Now that gays can marry in New York, you can expect a new, fiercely frightening phenomenon: Groomzillas!

July 20 2011 7:18 AM


July 19 2011 2:34 PM

When we came across the work of Italian designer Andrea Pompilio, we were immediately smitten.

July 19 2011 8:13 AM

The image of Jesus appeared on a Walmart receipt, signaling to New York City that we should open one in Times Square. 

July 19 2011 5:30 AM

Everyday, we sit and we wait for it. The mandatory news flash on what outlandish attire Lady Gaga wore today: what body parts she exposed, what odd prosthetics she attached to her body, what unnatural hair color she sported...the list goes on. But, zut alors, what is this? Her majesty of insanity arrived in New York wearing possibly the most shocking thing of all: a classic LBD (little black dress, for those not in the know), some killer Loubs and a sensible Louis Vuitton box bag. Um, jaw? Meet floor.

July 18 2011 3:24 PM