Out's Best-Dressed Man of the Week: Johnny Weir at Sochi

He forewent figure skating for fashion, and still won.

Singing Against Sochi: 8 Songs Protesting Putin's Anti-Gay Russia

These artists are giving it to Putin aurally

By Alex Panisch

Europe's First Trans Parliamentarian Arrested at Olympics for Gay Sign

Vladimir Luxuria says she was arrested and detained for carrying a 'Gay Is OK' sign.

By Diane Anderson-Minshall

Meet Javier Fernandez, the 'Blaine' of Men's Figure Skating

As the event wraps up, we look back on the Boy Wonder of ice

By Stacy Lambe

Adorbz Alert: U.S. Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Redefines Puppy Love

Update: The athlete won silver and adopted the litter of puppies he found

By Stacy Lambe

Daily Crush: The Norwegian Curling Team's Pants

Get the look!

By Julien Sauvalle

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz Wins Silver, Becomes Second Out Athlete to Medal

The Austrian makes history in the debut of women's ski jump

By Stacy Lambe

Norwegian Men's Curling Team Goes Pantless in Protest of IOC

The team retaliates after backlash over their crazy pants

By Stacy Lambe

The Sochi Olympics Get the Beyoncé Treatment

Everything looks/sounds better when paired with "Drunk in Love"

By Stacy Lambe

Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Gets Trapped Again

This time it was an elevator

By Stacy Lambe

Out Speed Skater Irene Wust Wins Gold

The Dutch athlete becomes the first out athlete to medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics

By Stacy Lambe

Trapped In The (Water) Closet: Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Busts Out At Sochi

The athlete tweets his great escape

By Stacy Lambe

The March of the Penguins: The 2014 Winter Olympics Uniforms

Time to gawk at 2014 Winter Olympic uniforms from around the world

By Out.com Editors

Russian Police Choir Performs "Get Lucky" at Sochi Opening Ceremony

They don't understand the gay, but they sure seem to have a handle on camp.

By Out.com Editors

Sochi Olympics: 8 Things Watch, Love & Gag Over

For better or worse, the Sochi Games are here and this is what we're looking forward to most…

By Stacy Lambe

WATCH: Chevrolet To Premiere LGBT-Inclusive Ads During Olympics

A first for Chevrolet in a TV spot

By Stacy Lambe

Google Comes Out in Support of Gays at the Olympics

The site takes a stand against Russia's anti-gay laws

By Stacy Lambe