Damian Barr Recalls the Bittersweet Events of 1987 in 'Maggie & Me'

Scottish writer Damian Barr recalls the bittersweet events of 1987 — a year limned by AIDS, puberty, and the mambo — ...

A Plague On All These AIDS Films and Stuff

A veteran of Act Up and former editor of POZ takes issue with the profusion of movies and books memorializing our …

By Walter Armstrong

War Without End

In a new memoir, Sean Strub — the founding editor of POZ — recalls his time in the forefront in the fight against AIDS. …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Playing Detective

Some positive men believe their “undetectable” viral load makes them safe — but how safe is safe?

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Positive Voices: Attention Deficit Disorder

Peter Staley, who mesmerizes in the Oscar-nominated 'How to Survive a Plague,' explains why AIDS activism desperately …

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Ghost Player

The brutal, elegant honesty of singer–songwriter John Grant.

By Paul Flynn