Positive for Two Weeks: Why a false HIV diagnosis was a blessing in disguise

Why a temporary false-positive HIV diagnosis was a blessing in disguise

Veterans of an Unpopular War

The bittersweet life of the long-term AIDS survivor

By Jon Jay Read

20 Amazing HIV+ Gay Men

In honor September’s National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, meet 20 great guys who are reinventing what it means to …

By Anonymous

An Early Awakening

Jerick Hoffer (a.k.a. Jinkx Monsoon) on his childhood lessons in AIDS and choosing to test at home

By Jerry Portwood

Did you hear the one...

Turning AIDS into a punchline

By Jesse Archer

Why I Am a Truvada Whore

I've been taking PrEP for over six months, and have urged many friends to follow suit—sadly too late for some.

By Christopher Glazek

Dirty Dancing

Scottish writer Damian Barr recalls the bittersweet events of 1987 — a year limned by AIDS, puberty, and the mambo — in …

By Damian Barr

A Plague On All These AIDS Films and Stuff

A veteran of Act Up and former editor of POZ takes issue with the profusion of movies and books memorializing our …

By Walter Armstrong

War Without End

In a new memoir, Sean Strub — the founding editor of POZ — recalls his time in the forefront in the fight against AIDS. …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Playing Detective

Some positive men believe their “undetectable” viral load makes them safe — but how safe is safe?

By Jesse Archer

Positive Voices: Attention Deficit Disorder

Peter Staley, who mesmerizes in the Oscar-nominated 'How to Survive a Plague,' explains why AIDS activism desperately …

By Peter Staley

Ghost Player

The brutal, elegant honesty of singer–songwriter John Grant.

By Paul Flynn