Corbin Blue Gets Naked In 3-D

'High School Musical' star will bare all in upcoming horror flick

By Editors

RECAP: American Horror Story Episode 10

Is anybody going to come out of this alive?

By Mark Peikert

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaks

And she looks kind of awesome

By Adam Rathe

Sia Joins Scott Matthew On Gut Wrenching New Holiday Song

"Silent Nights" is a stunning, haunting Christmas ditty

By Adam Rathe

A Look at 'HIV Is Not a Crime'

Check out the harrowing short documentary

By William Van Meter

fun. Makes A Big Gay Splash On 'Glee'

'We Are Young' hits prime time television

By Adam Rathe

Lesbian Icon Elizabeth Bishop Gets Her Own Stamp

All you philatelists watch out for the poet stamps coming to your local post office

By Jerry Portwood

The 50 Gayest Songs of the 1990s: Part 1

Check out the first half of our tribute to the '90s.

By Mike Berlin

Rick Perry Manages to Offend Gays AND Non-Christians in Record Time

In a 30-second ad, the Texan politician calls gays in the military "wrong."

By Mike Berlin

Glee Recap: Putting The Sex In Sectionals

Trouty Mouth is back, and he's learned a thing or two about (erotic) dancing. All the insults, mash-ups and mayhem from …

By Jon Roth

Even Adele's Tour Rider Is Charming

Organic muesli, European beer, and charity are all requirements.

By Mike Berlin

Rooney Mara, Ryan Gosling And More Show Off The Dark Side of Fame

Evil has never looked quite so good

By Adam Rathe

Snooki Hosts A Vogue Ball?

Well, sort of.

By Editors

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Announced Inductees

Lady-loving songstress Laura Nyro makes the cut

By Adam Rathe

Madonna Song 'Masterpiece' Hits The Web

Beautiful new ballad leaks

By Editors

Chris Myers Resigns Thanks To Unflattering Photo

Okay, he resigned because of a gay sex scandal, but the photo couldn't have helped.

By Jon Roth