Puppy Bowl VIII Will Be Cuter Than Tom Brady

The eighth installment of Animal Planet's spoof airs Super Bowl Sunday

By Joshua Gardner

Cynthia Nixon: 'Nobody Likes Bisexuals'

'Wit' star defends her statement that being gay is a choice

By Out.com Editors

Madonna's Emotional Moment

The Material Girl sheds tears at the premiere of her film, 'W.E.'

By Max Berlinger

Michael Fassbender: Naked Since 1998

'Shame' star was also nude in a European television commercial

By Joshua Gardner

Drag Queens, Atlantic City And A Hungover Brunch

A trip to the 2012 Miss'd America Pageant

By Geraldine Visco

Catching Up With Porcelain Raft's Mauro Remiddi

The musician chats with Out on the release of his debut album, 'Strange Weekend'

By Out.com Editors

'Smash' Pilot Hits the Internet Ahead of Television Premiere

NBC has posted the musical drama's first episode online two weeks early.

By Joshua Gardner

OUT Exclusive: Making Friendz "Something to Believe In (Brother Bruno Remix)"

Check out a hot new track from Tami Hart and Light Asylum's Bruno Coviello

By Adam Rathe

Drunk Grindr-ing Exposed

Two guys take to YouTube to show the world just what you look like most Friday nights

By Joshua Gardner

Animal Magnetism

Richard Phibbs Photographs Adorable Adoptables for The Humane Society.

By Out.com Editors

Who's That Stud In The New Class Actress Video?

Elizabeth Harper tells us he's a charming French DJ. Of course.

By Out.com Editors

Catching Up With Joan and Melissa Rivers

The mother-daughter duo dishes with Out about the new season of their reality show, gay weddings, smoking weed and …

By Evan Lambert

Oscar Nominations 2012 Announced

Rooney Mara, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, George Clooney, more are honored just to be nominated

By Out.com Editors

Kylie Minogue: 'It isn’t normal to still be here'

Star looks back at 25 years in the music biz

By Alex Taylor Williams

Mayors Gather In Support of Gay Marriage

More than 80 mayors gathered in Washington D.C. to bring marriage equality nationwide

By Alex Taylor Williams

James Deen: From Adult Films To Film Noir?

Brett Easton Ellis sure hopes so.

By Jon Roth