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Ronnie Woo
Photo by Luke Fontana

Ronnie Woo

Ronnie Woo

Ronnie Woo

Meet one of the artists, disruptors, educators, groundbreakers, innovators, and storytellers who all helped make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people.

Out chef, author, and television personality Ronnie Who has had an unconventional career path. At age 19, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career and later earned two master’s degrees. However, feeling unfilled in his professional life, in 2011 he attended a culinary program at the Northwest Culinary Academy, and ultimately he decided to become a chef.

Since becoming a chef, Woo has launched the Delicious Cook, a private chef company where he prepares delicious dishes for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Mindy Kaling, Jessica Alba, and Charlie Sheen. In 2015 he hosted a cooking reality show called Food to Get You Laid, where he helped everyday people make impressive gourmet meals with common ingredients.

But being a private chef hasn’t been without its challenges. “The biggest obstacle I’ve had to face has probably been proving myself in an industry that prioritizes restaurant chefs above all else,” says Woo. “When I tell people I’m a private chef, they look at me and think either I don’t know about food or let alone eat it.”

“The thing with being a private chef is that I have to be a master of all cuisines, be able to adapt to a different kitchen every night and think on my feet because you never know what variables will present themselves in a new environment every night,” he adds.

In March of this year, Woo released a debut cookbook called Did You Eat Yet?: Craveable Recipes From an All-American Asian Chef. “My debut cookbook, Did You Eat Yet?…was such a dream of mine to make and a culmination of my entire life up to this point,” says Woo. “It’s not just recipes, but also stories and really embodies my personality and energy.” @ronniecwoo

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