TBT: Greg Berlanti Is the Man Behind the Curtain

The hit-maker pushes the envelope for gay TV

By Stacy Lambe

Throwback Thursday: Remembering Joan Rivers, Our Eternal Best Girlfriend

The woman who could always be blunt—just the way we liked it.

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Marc Jacobs, Exposed

The fashion designer bares all

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TBT: Nelsan Ellis Is in No Rush to Go Nude

The True Blood actor opens up about playing Lafayette

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Things can never be too gay for the Jackass star

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#TBT: Whitney Houston Is Intense...

...And she doesn't care what you think

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TBT: Alexander Skarsgard Sexes Up Hollywood

The True Blood star makes us blush

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TBT: Paris Hilton's Star Shines Bright

The heiress redefines "hot" with her debut album

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Throwback Thursday: Chris Zylka Heats Up

A star on the rise, Zylka is a model for young success

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#TBT: Chad White Reinterprets Equus

The model stars in a photo shoot inspired by the award-winning play

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Throwback Thursday: François Sagat Celebrates His Independence

The porn star goes to war with his image and career

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#TBT: Nick Gruber's Cheeky Pool Party

He and a posse of gays make a splash

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Throwback Thursday: Joe Manganiello Is a Beard-Loving Wolf

The actor embraces his True Blood persona

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Throwback Thursday: Christopher Meloni Is a Seducer of Oz

And even back then, he knew you were looking at his ass

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Throwback Thursday: Natasha Lyonne & Clea DuVall Are the Girls of Summer

The But I'm a Cheerleader co-stars turn up the heat

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Throwback Thursday: Tom Ford Is a Towel-Snapper

The designer has some fun in the shower for a racy photo shoot

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