Wedding Rings

There has never been a better time for popping the question. Put a ring on it!

J. Crew Endorses the Gay Crew

J. Crew’s website has always had a bridal section, but this time there's no bride!

By Jay Schwartz

About Face

The word marriage is often associated with warm thoughts of happiness, commitment, and joyous celebration. Immediately …

By Amy Zdunowski-Roeder

10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

1. Do we need to get matching rings? The most common question I get asked is 'Should a couple wear matching rings?' I …

By Rony Tennenbaum

Simon Doonan's Five Pointers to Betrothed Couples

1. Don't do a "Star Jones." Keep it simple. Keep it small -- dinky is better. Taking our cue from my …

By Simon Doonan

Invitation Etiquette

July 25th begins a new chapter. Not only on gay couples enjoying equal marriage rights in New York, but a new chapter in …

By Marc Friedland