Reconciling My Faith With Myself

Being young, Jewish, and gay felt like an internal struggle that would never be resolved—until I learned to accept ...

Wanting Love From Straight Black Men

My dad's desire for me to be a strong black son shaped me far more than I realized

By Darnell L. Moore

"I'm Cured!" — A What-If Scenario

Let's say HIV is cured today — what would it be like tomorrow?

By Tyler Curry

Don't Shut Out Our Fathers

Ads that shut out fathers do a disservice to the entire family.

By Michelle Garcia

A Latina Mother's Love

It wasn't until they finally reconnected as adults that Emillio Mesa finally understood what it felt like to have a …

By Emillio Mesa

Confronting the 'Glitter Mafia'

College seemed like an idyll where progressive ideals reigned—until the group created to foster community became the …

By Glenn Garner

Stepping Forward

My college frat brothers didn't want me to hide who I was—but I had to learn to accept them first

By Andrew Gelwicks

RT to Win Holiday Sweepstakes

Win a $500 MasterCard gift card this holiday season!

By Editors

On Being My Father's Daughter

Even when it's difficult, acceptance is invaluable.

By Diane Anderson-...

To Stray from the Pack

Jerick Hoffer, a.k.a. Jinkx Monsoon, was the outcast until he found the group that accepted him for his 'odd' interests …

By Jinkx Monsoon

We're Here, We're Queer, We're Not Part of a Pair

Contrary to popular opinion, gay and bi singles are individuals, too.

By Neal Broverman

Differences Don't Make Families Inferior

Zach Wahls may have two moms but his Iowa upbringing was otherwise traditional.

By Zach Wahls

Practicing Acceptance

Seeing beyond our differences is more than a solitary decision

By Matthew Breen

Separate or Together?

Yes, we pay together. And sleep together.

By Michelle Garcia

Every Coming Out Needs a Hug-a-Thon Like This

This gay man's road trip had him coming out to friends and family one after anot

By Editors

Love Starts With Acceptance

RuPaul and Tyler Curry agree: If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you go

By Tyler Curry

Why I Filmed My Coming Out Journey

Michael Gorlick decided to film his entire coming out process. Here's what he le

By Michael Gorlick