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Every Episode of the Queer Eye Reboot, Ranked From Worst to Best

Queer Eye

Episode 5: Camp Rules

Okay, Bobby the good Christian—not the design guru, this episode’s subject—was kind of boring. He’s not as boring as Remy or Neal, though, which is why this episode ranks higher than theirs. I’m also capable of some mercy: the reason why he’s boring is because he works two jobs and only gets three hours of sleep a night. It’s hard to do or be anything very interesting when you’re that busy and have six kids to raise. And there’s what’s sweet about him. He loves his kids and his wife Vera so, so much! It makes him likeable.

Let’s start with the house: pure terror. It’s a war zone. Sippy cups. Trash. Toys. Strewn freaking everywhere.  Bobby (the designer) takes this tiny house and makes it actually cute and super functional, putting in a lot of hidden storage and a big-ass farm sink. The Gainses are quaking in their boots. Also, Bobby (the designer) talks to Bobby (the subject) about religion while he’s planting a little garden outside, and it’s fucking tear jerking. The Bobbys come to the conclusion that God doesn’t hate the gays, which is good news for me.

Antoni, Tan, and Jonathan take Bobby (the subject) to Target to divide and conquer. Tan does a really great job of finding some well-fitting, good-looking clothes for Bobby in the menswear section. Who knew? Jonathan finds him some beauty products and makes a little kit for a three-minute morning routine. Very cute. Antoni buys beef? His contribution comes later when he actually plops it in a Crock Pot for a chilli, which makes sense for a big family.

Karamo is pretty much good for nothing this episode.

The conclusion of the episode is a wedding reception do-over (because Bobby messed up his wedding to Vera the first time), which is really sweet. Seeing how happy the whole family was in their new house together, dancing together, presumably eating that Crock Pot chilli together… I definitely cried a little at that, too.


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