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Every Episode of the Queer Eye Reboot, Ranked From Worst to Best

Queer Eye

Episode 2: Saving Sasquatch

The only redeeming aspect of this episode was the subject’s dog, whose name is Forever. She’s fluffy as hell and looks like a big ol’ sweetheart.

Neal, on the other hand, was kind of an asshole? Most app developers kind of are. He was not receptive to the Fab Five, at least at the beginning. In the end he thanked them for changing his life, which was kind of sweet, so I guess that could also be redeeming.

Tan bought Neal some slouchy, cool button downs in various prints. I think Tan did a really good job, actually. He also tried and mostly failed to bond with Neal over both being Desi.

Jonathan gives Neal’s super-long beard a trim and gives him a “spray, delay, then walk away” lesson a la Kyan Douglas.

Karamo took Neal boxing? Again, not sure what the point of that was or his whole job is. At least Antoni was there looking sweaty in a cute little gay little bandana.

Speaking of Antoni, he “teaches” Neal how to make a grilled cheese. Quotes because everyone knows how to make a damn grilled cheese.

The conclusion was a party for Neal’s app. There’s nothing I hate more than talking about someone’s app than talking about someone’s app at a party, so… Boo.

*Editor's Note: The original version of this article said that Tan France and Neal were both "Hindu" though France is Muslim. The article has been changed to reflect that both of them are Desi. 


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