Stoli Heroes of Diversity: Victor Salvo
The Legacy Project Executive Director takes us on a tour of the Chicago tribute to LGBT champions.



Stoli Heroes of Diversity: Cooper Cheatham
The gay bar is still a necessity within the LGBT community



Stoli Heroes of Diversity – LeeAnne Locken
The ‘RHOD’ star discusses her ally-ship for the LGBTQ community and advocacy against HIV stigma



Stoli Heroes of Diversity – Jim Flint
The Miss Continental Pageant front-man talks 50 years of fabulousness in Chicago.



Stoli Heroes of Diversity – Kym Sims
The superstar singer on the importance of being an ally.



Stoli Heroes of Diversity – 2017 KWCC Champion Kayla Hasbrook
There’s more to being a bartender than serving a drink behind the bar.



Stoli’s Patrik Gallineaux receives the first-ever San Diego Key to the city & an amazing honor
Happy Patrik Gallineaux Day!



Stoli Heroes of Diversity – Ballroom Legend Twiggy Pucci Garçon
His advice to LGBT youth: "You’re whole. You're valuable. You matter."



Extraordinary LGBT people discuss diversity, acceptance,
and the freedom to be who we are.