Nicki Minaj Allegedly Sabotaged by Cardi B's Record Label

Nicki Minaj

As Nicki Minaj prepares for her forthcoming fourth studio album, Queen, a recent article from The New York Times detailing an online altercation between Minaj and a culture writer has sparked outrage among the “Chun-Li” rapper’s legion of fans, the Kingdom.

Formerly known as the Barbz until Minaj’s decision to rename them, the Kingdom now seeks to perform damage control amid allegations by some that she faces sabotage from rival label, Atlantic Records.

While rumors of the conspiracy have been circulating for a while, they first began after English rapper Lady Leshurr revealed to The Guardian Atlantic’s intentions to provoke Minaj who is signed to Cash Money Records and distributed by Republic Records in the United States.

“They flew me out and we had a conversation, but their idea was that they were going to pit me against Nicki Minaj,” Leshurr said in her interview. “It was like: ‘She’s the biggest female MC and you need to take her down,’ and I wasn’t feeling that at all.”

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The conspiracy later experienced a new revival two years later following Atlantic signed Cardi B’s historic chart feat, with one Minaj fan accusing the Bronx native and her label of cheating to dethrone XXXTentacion’s posthumous chart-topping single, “Sad!”

More than a week later, The New York Times published a feature on Minaj and her Kingdom’s attack on Torontonian freelancer Wanna Thompson who criticized Minaj for not releasing “mature content” in a now deleted tweet.

Similar criticisms of Minaj have triggered her to clapback at or block her critics, whether fan or not, on social media in the past, but Minaj and her fans’ insults against Thompson’s Twitter DMs are now receiving considerable media coverage.

“Her fans mimic her behavior,” Thompson said in a takeaway from her interview with The New York Times.

While difficult to prove that a conspiracy against Minaj actually exists, it is also impossible to escape the insecurity both Minaj and the Kingdom express online in light of the matriarch’s underperformance.

Before this article's publication, a Twitter account issued a release claiming to be from Team Minaj wherein fans were instructed to “refrain from ‘Giving advice’ to Nicki Minaj” and “abstain from all forms of ‘Dragging’ until August 17th 2018.”

Additionally, the Atlantic Record accusations now include Republic labelmate and frequent collaborator Ariana Grande, who features on Minaj’s single, “Bed,” sabotaging the success of the rapper with the help of a collection of other female rappers such as Cardi B and Iggy Azalea.

Conspiracy or not, expect Minaj’s Queen on August 10, and watch her latest video with her alleged saboteur in the meantime.

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