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The Fab Five Are Here to Help You Throw the Ultimate Oscars Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Oscar Party

Tan France, Fashion Expert

Rock Something Timeless
“As the host, it’s important that you strike that perfect balance of style and comfort. Dress in something formal, but when the party gets going, whip that tux jacket or blazer off for a more relaxed look. If the host is comfortable, so are the guests. Keep it classic. You’ll want to look back on your Instagram in five years and not regret your outfit choice.” 

Tan 1
…Or Just Go Crazy
“If you’re planning a themed Oscar party, loosen the parameters for guests by letting them choose a look from one of their favorite Oscar movies or red-carpet moments. My look would be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Duh.”

Don’t ask Guests to take off their Shoes
“Your friends have dressed to impress, and we all know shoes complete the look. You may want to keep your floors clean, but a formal party isn’t the time for that. Consider investing in a great doormat, so guests can wipe their shoes before entering.”

Keep Cool
“Have your A/C on at all times. Hosting can be a stressful, sweaty time. And if you think you’ll be running around a lot, get some underarm sweat pads. The best hack for staying dry is to insert them into the armhole seams of your shirt. You’ll be comfortable all evening long.”


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