Anderson Cooper Ridicules Omarosa’s Hushed Conversations About Trump on Celebrity Big Brother

Anderson Cooper, Omarosa, Ross Matthews, CNN

As Courtney Act closes out her season of Celebrity Big Brother UK  by winning the entire competition, a new season is just getting started here in the U.S. Among the most quotable contestants this time around is Omarosa, who recently went through a very public leaving from her position within the Trump Whitehouse.

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Fellow contestant Ross Matthews sat down with Omarosa for a hushed conversation on the CBB couch, where she told the TV personality she was “haunted” by Trump’s tweets and would “never in a million years” vote for him again. Luckily for us and Anderson Cooper, body microphones pick up whispers just fine.

“If I whisper into the microphone, nobody can hear me,” joked Cooper during a CNN segment, where the former Whitehouse aide’s true relevance in the Trump administration was called into question. 

For his part, Ross Matthews didn’t look like he was taking any of Omarosa’s sob story, though her allegations that it was “bad” inside the Whitehouse and that “it is not going to be ok” could be very real. A Whitehouse spokesperson was dismissive of Omarosa’s claims, bringing up the number of times she’d been fired from The Apprentice before her removal from her position within the administration. 

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