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12 Things to Never Say to Gay Men

Shit straight people say to gay guys.

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4. “Look at my boobs, tell me what you think?”
Just because your gay bestie isn’t sexually attracted to you, means that he wants to sit through a round of ‘boost my confidence by telling me my vagina looks nice.’ He doesn’t want to sit through that. He may bite his lip and tell you what you want to hear, but shortly after he’ll be forgetting the entire experience.

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5. “I have a super important job interview, pick out an outfit for me?”
All gay guys aren’t fashion savy! All gay guy aren’t shop-a-holics! And even if they were, what makes you think they want to spend their time shopping for you?

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6. “I’m having a dinner party and we would love to have a gay couple, are you free?”
Gay men are not the latest accessory. They are not a Birkin Bang or a pair of Gucci Flip Flops that you can parade around the mall and your closet circle of friends. Gestures like this can send a clear message to the gay men in your life on how you really view them.


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