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John Lithgow & Alfred Molina in Ira Sach's Love Is Strange

John Lithgow & Alfred Molina in Ira Sach's Love Is Strange

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play a gay New York couple in Ira Sachs's new film, Love is Strange. After 38 years together, the couple decide to get married, and in the first released image from the film, we see the gentleman walking down a New York City street toward the chapel.

“This is the high point before the drama in the story,” Sachs told Variety. “The consequences of this marriage is one of the men loses his job, and that sets off the rest of the events of the film.” He went on to say: 

“This is a sweet film, and I found two actors who, in a way, some of their best-known work has been playing gay men. Really, what I got was two of the best actors of their generation who responded emotionally to the story that was told.”

The film also stars Marisa Tomei and Cheyenne Jackson.

Sachs's last film, Keep the Lights On, was an indie and festival favorite but had a cast of lesser-known actors (he was also photographed in the 2012 Out100). With the difficulty in finding studios to fund gay-themed films, Sachs says this film was also independently financed.

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