Live the Life: Michael Jackson

Live the Life: Michael Jackson

Photography by Koji Yano

Before the album that would cement his reputation as the King of Pop, and long before the tabloid witch hunt that would dog him through the ’90s, there was young Michael Jackson, a budding superstar who, with his flowered shirts, funky plaids, and wild afro, fast became a stylish emblem for the freewheeling 1970s.

By the age of 12, the prodigy had already released a string of infectious singles with the Jackson 5, but by the decade’s end, he was a fully fledged, peerless solo artist.

It would get a lot more complicated in the next few decades -- but you can’t blame that on the boogie.

1. Cashmere hat by Hermès, $690

2. Floral button-down shirt by Topman, $56

3. Rust wool tie by Alexander Olch, $140

4. Boat shoes by Bottega Veneta, $620

5. Plaid pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs, $258

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