Live the Life: Bruce Lee

Live the Life: Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee will forever be remembered as a martial arts badass. Born in San Francisco but raised in Hong Kong, he parlayed physical agility and meditative ferocity into a Hollywood career before his untimely death at the age of 32. Though many hold the sinewy, bare-chested image of him from Enter the Dragon in their memory, Lee could be quite extravagant when fully clothed. He embraced ’70s trends -- oversized lapels, powdery pastels, not-so-subtle accessories -- that have come back into favor. But Lee’s flashy exterior belied a philosopher’s mind. The man himself said it best when he quipped, “Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.”

Photography by Devon Jarvis


1. Sunglasses by Burberry, $190

2. Cotton shirt by Caruso, $249

3. Silk twill tie by Hermès, $185

4. Brown leather belt with double Gancio buckle by Salvatore Ferragamo, $290

5. Silk and wool jacket by Tom Ford, $4,030

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