Year in Photos

Year in Photos

Every year, Out magazine captures amazing artists, entertainers, and newsmakers—including the stunning Out100 year-end portfolio. It's a lot to remember! We wanted to celebrate a fabulous year of imagery from the magazine, so Greg Garry, Out's photo director, selected some of his favorite and most memorable images from photo shoots that took place in 2013 and were featured in the magazine—as well as a few exclusive outtakes. The list includes everyone from musicians Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the always irresistible George Takei and a few unexpected lovelies (Hello, Big Ang!). Enjoy, and let us know in the comments what were your favorite Out photos from the past year.




Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Photography by Hayley Young


Pedro Almodóvar & Male Cast of I'm So Excited | Photography by Xevi Muntané

Hunger Wm

Josh Hutcherson | Photography by Nino Muñoz

Zemmoa Large

ZemmoaPhotograph by Fabiola Zamora

YO0V0837 E O

Death, Love, Mother, Ecstasy Fashion Editorial in Mexico | Photography by Fabiola Zamora

Big Ang 0227

Big AngPhotography by Greg Endries

LoveIssue ChwandaKacey 1

Chwanda Nixon & Kacey Frierson | Photograph by Chris Stanford


Emilia ClarkeShot by Gavin Bond at Cherry in the Dream Downtown NYC


Cakes Da KillaPhotography by Matthew Salacuse

Georgetakei Wm

George Takei | Photography by Danielle Levitt

QueenBitch 1

Jackie CollinsPhotography by Tony Kelly


Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Photography by Kai Z Feng

Ladosha O

House of Ladosha | Photograph by Danielle Levitt


Kevin ZegersPhotography by Zen Sekizawa


Pierre et Gilles | Photograph by Danielle Levitt

Paulicono Wm

Paul Iacono | Photography by Danielle Levitt

Radcliffe 1

Daniel Radcliffe | Photography by Kai Z Feng

Waters O

John Waters | Photograph by Danielle Levitt


Xavier DolanPhotography by Caitlin Cronenberg 

Marsden227 2 0

James Marsden Photography by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Tags: Popnography

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