WATCH: Ja'mie King is a Teenage Role Model

WATCH: Ja'mie King is a Teenage Role Model

Over the course of three series, Ja'mie King has proven just how resourceful and helpful (when it benefits her) she can be. Whether it's helping children with AIDS or making sure the hot Asian doesn't try too hard, Ja'mie's always been there for people and she proves that in the latest teaser for her new show.  

"I know, she's so awful. But at the same time, I think girls are going to want to be her because she's so fun and she's a leader and she's always coming up with great ideas," Chris Lilley tells Out. "She claims to be so hot, and somehow you come out believing that she might be hot. There is something about her that's appealing even though she's so awful."

Watch the clip below and try not to get too excited for Sunday: 

Ja’mie: Private School Girl premieres on HBO on Nov. 24.

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