Gay Celebs and Allies on Election Outcomes

Gay Celebs and Allies on Election Outcomes

Neil Patrick Harris and Cher were ecstatic



Saying goodbye to and giving their thoughts on Romney: RuPaul, Chely Wright, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson 




Witnessing history made, Zachary Quinto shares a photo making us all jealous


Continue on to hear from Ben Cohen, Chris Kluwe, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin and more! 

Our team of allied athletes: Ben Cohen, Chris Kluwe, and Brendon Ayanbadejo share their thoughts on Obama and the wins for marriage equality!




Along with giving her congratulations, Madonna also updated her cover photo to the fantastic OBMA meme (which is a play on her MDNA album cover)


Lady Gaga also took to Facebook, sharing a message on Obama, Tammy Baldwin, and one of her favorite things


Continue to the last page for Ricky Martin, Wanda Sykes, Kathy Griffin, and George Takei!

Ricky Martin, Wanda Sykes, and Chaz Bono said what we all felt




Sharing something from someone else, as usual on Facebook, George Takei:


Taking advantage of the situation, Kathy Griffin tries to seduce Anderson Cooper with a sext:


In a more G-rated fashion, Dan Savage shared a photo of his family and good thoughts


And of course we can't forget the man of the century, President Barrack Obama




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