WATCH: Mika’s Celebrate ft. Pharrell in ‘Celebrate’

WATCH: Mika’s Celebrate ft. Pharrell in ‘Celebrate’

Somebody call the Lorax. In the video for his track, ‘Celebrate,’ the newly out pop star shows that his writer’s block is the greatest threat to trees since the Once-ler. The video features a bevy of people celebrating different occasions all the while Mika broods and fills his apartment with torn notebook pages, frustrated that he cannot get his lyrics just right. Mika, honey, get an iPad. The video is not just super schmaltzy but oh-so-hetero, that is, devoid of any queer themes or charcaters. And although this was clearly shot before his coming out in Instinct, the Brit pop-sensation was still the nelliest thing in his own videos when he identified as bisexual -- just check out Make You Happy. Now that he’s a card-carrying Friend of Dorothy, maybe his videos will take a turn for the queer. 

Check out Celebrate below:

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