Need to Know: Marine Vacth

Need to Know: Marine Vacth

Photo: courtesy of IFC

It’s all there in the title of François Ozon’s latest film, Young & Beautiful. Those are exactly the attributes that its star, newcomer Marine Vacth, uses to her advantage as Isabelle, a terrifyingly gorgeous, homme-slaying high schooler who, prodded by her cool bohemian mother, Sylvie (Géraldine Pailhas), loses her virginity to a strapping young German strudel on summer vacation. What begins as innocent exploration soon turns pathological, as the coquette heads back to Paris and delves into the dark world of high-priced hooking. While Sylvie plants condoms on her daughter’s bathroom sink with knowing self-satisfaction, Isabelle steals her expensive blouses, slipping them on in métro bathrooms to convince elderly Johns she’s of age. Equally fabulous and frightening, Y&B is everything we’ve come to expect, and sheepishly love, from Ozon. Bonus: a cameo from Charlotte Rampling — as if you needed another reason to watch.

Young & Beautiful Opens in Select Theaters April 25. Watch the trailer below:

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