Five Very Good Reasons to See Adore

We already knew we loved surfing (and surfers), but now that the button-pushing Adore, starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright alongside two stunning newcomers, is rolling out in independent cinemas across the country now (and VOD), we have even more inspiration to gawk—we mean—learn the sport. The gist: Watts and Wright play best pals who get physical with each other’s sexy sons. 

Adore Boys Main

1. Nipple 1, nipple 2, nipple 3, and nipple 4. Four good reasons right away! Nipples didn’t get individually billing, but they should have. They’re doing a lot of very important work in this movie. The owners of the nipples are Xavier Samuel (the shirtless, wet hunk on the left), and James Frecheville (the shirtless, wet hunk on the right).

Adore Robin Wright

2. The stunning location is an Australian seaside town, remote, sunny. It would look great even without gorgeous surfers running through it.

Adore Boys Surf

3. Watts and Wright are two fierce, powerhouse actresses, and they’re getting great reviews. They’re not in this picture, though.

Adore Boy Wet

4. The film was shot in 35mm Cinemascope, all the better to see individual beads of salt water dripping off Xavier Samuel as he rises, tanned and Adonis-like, from the sea.

Adore Closeup

5. Wet hair, as demonstrated by James Frecheville. It means they were just surfing or something, and they haven’t had time to put their shirts back on yet.

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