A Link Between Cruise's Hair and His Movies?

A Link Between Cruise's Hair and His Movies?

How do we know? Duh. A survey of his films over the past decade and their Rotten Tomatoes scores proves it is his hair style that matters.

Tc Vanilla

Vanilla Sky, 2001

Called "extraordinarily narcissistic" 

Rating: 40%

Hair length: Medium 

Tc Minority

Minority Report, 2002

His sexy butch crop—the real star of this "dark and dazzling spectacle"?

Rating: 92%

Hair length: Clean cut

Tc Samurai

The Last Samurai, 2003

Rating: 65%

Hair length: flowy and matted

Tc Collateral

Collateral, 2004

Premature silver-fox fluff proves to be a cut above

Hair Length: Short and textured

Tc War

War of the Worlds, 2005

Rating: 74%

Hair Length: Tight and conventional

Tc Minority

MI3, 2006

Rating: 70%

Hair Length: Not so risky business

Tc Valkyrie

Valkyrie, 2008

Rating: 62%

Hair Length: Short and wavy

Tc Knight

Knight & Day, 2010

The floppier the bangs, the bigger the flop?

Rating: 52%

Hair Length: A Baldwin would wear it better

Tc Rock

Rock of Ages, 2012

"Too bland and overlong"—the movie or the unruly weave?

Rating: 41%

Hair Length: Hair metal realness (circa Danzig)

Watch the #3 trailer for Oblivion below:

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