Then and Now: Steve Schapiro's Piercing Portraits

Then and Now: Steve Schapiro's Piercing Portraits

As a young photographer at LIFE in the 1960s, Steve Schapiro cavorted with celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Paul Newman (above), and a young Jodie Foster, and managed to extract something personal from them with his crisp, emotive shots. He was the public’s connection to the faces of the times.

In Steve Schapiro: Then and Now, a retrospective art book, we follow the photographer through the glamorous, playful, and bizarre past before settling into our foreboding reality.

“The worst is yet to come!” screams the headline of an undated newspaper photographed toward the end of the book, between an image of Martin Luther King, Jr. and one of contemporary activists protesting the Iraq War. “In the world of photography, nothing is real,” Schapiro recently told the book’s publisher, Hatje Cantz. “Above all, you cannot equate it with the truth. Photography is primarily the moment when the photographer presses the shutter release.”

Steve Schapiro: Then and Now is available now. Click to see a few examples of the portraits on the following pages:


Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

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