Asleep at the Chateau

Asleep at the Chateau


Left:Patti Smith. Right: Augustin Trapenard and Jean-Baptiste Telle. Photography: Courtesy Jork Weismann

For 85 years, the Chateau Marmont, tucked behind the trees above Sunset Boulevard, has been an epicenter of Hollywood’s party scene, providing the backdrop for Oscar galas and rock-star blowouts alike. But German fashion photographer Jork Weismann, unaware of the hotel’s history, saw something different when he visited the hotel during a photo shoot.

“I didn’t know anything about the hotel, but I enjoyed the atmosphere,” he says. Weismann’s latest book, Asleep at the Chateau, is a photographic series of celebrities, including Patti Smith, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Theroux, resting amid the hotel’s plush, velvety couches and crisp, well-ironed sheets. “It’s a luxury hotel,” he says. “Sometimes you go into a hotel and don’t want to touch anything or feel like you don’t belong because you’re not as rich, but the Chateau doesn’t give you that feeling. It makes everybody feel welcome, even if you’re never part of this world.”

The seed for Asleep at the Chateau was planted during a quiet moment with an overworked Annie Leibovitz. Weismann suggested she close her eyes, and in that scene he saw an intimate grace. “I think people, because they’re relaxed, look beautiful when they’re sleeping,” he says.

Jork Weismann: Asleep at the Chateau (Damiani) is out now.

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