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The 2010 Hookies


The 2010 Hookies

Jason Pitt Whats a good blond Southern to do when he graduates from high school? Become a porn star, of course. Well, at least that was the case for Jason Pitt. Hes succeeded too. Born Braden McCoy, last year Rentboy.coms Hookie Awards named him Best Newcomer. Now, at 19, Jason is up for this years Hookie Award for Best Blogger/Writer. But all of this recent attention hasnt gone to his head (either of them). After a horrific car accident in the fall of 2007, Jason learned to live life to its fullest and accept himself for who and what he is. We caught up with Jason to talk about the Hookie Awards, how he came out to his mother and how he feels about the Tiger Woods scandal. Out: You must be very excited about the Hookie Awards. Jason Pitt: Yes, I am! You are nominated in the category of Best Blogger/Writer. What does that mean? Im an escort, and I keep up with my blog. Its a reality blog. I blog about the stupidest things. I like making everyone laugh. I just write about me cooking crazy things like tater tot casserole. People love that sort of thing, and they told me to keep doing that. I have 6,000 views a day. How bad was your car accident? Our car swerved off the road. and we hit a tree. My seatbelt broke, and I went through the windshield. Did you have to go through extensive surgery afterward? Yes, and I still have one more surgery to get done. Right now, Im missing my right eyebrow. You may not know that because in my pictures the photographers work so well with me. My right eye doesnt close all the way. Its all worked out for the best. Its made me a way better person than I ever thought I would be. You have a charming Southern accent. Where did you grow up? I live in Dublin, Georgia. Its about three hours south of Atlanta. I try not to use my accent because it comes off too strong and sometimes people cant understand me. So I talk more Northern or West Coast. And you knew from a young age you wanted to be a porn star. Ive known since 9th or 10th grade. Ive always been comfortable being naked. I was raised a devout Southern Baptist, so that was kind of crazy. People like seeing it, and I like showing it. Why not turn that into money? Im all about the business perspective of things -- making money off of whatever I have. Im just now getting back into school and using my knowledge to make money. Ive been a model since I was 15, so Ive always made money off my looks. Why not take that to the next level and enjoy what I do? What are you studying in school? Ceramics and business. Ceramics? I love pottery! So when youre not escorting or doing a porn film, youre at home watching Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart? Yes, and I love Paula Dean. Now, since you were raised in a devout Baptist family, how did your mother react when you told her you were involved in the escorting and porn business? I actually came out to my mom in the biggest way possible. I told her, Im gay. Im a porn star, and Im also an escort. A couple weeks later, I went to New York. She wasnt happy with the whole situation, but she said, Youre my son, and Im going to love you no matter what. And she keeps all the awards youve won on display. Shes always held on to all my art awards, so I gave her this other award that I got for doing porn. She has a completely different shelf in her curio cabinet in the living room where she keeps all my porn and escort awards. How old were you when you came out? Right after I turned 18. What about your father? Do you have a relationship with him? No, but I have a really great step-dad. How do you respond to critics who frown upon escorting and the porn industry? The porn industry is just like any other industry. There is drama. There are politics. The only thing thats different is we do everything with our clothes off. Its acting on a different level. Some people can do it; some people cant. I have trouble acting, but doing porn is easier because Im a little more comfortable in my own skin. So when Im naked its a little easier to do acting for me. Its not for losers, in my opinion. Have you ever met up with someone who misrepresented himself? I havent had any experiences like that, but I have had a few clients who hired me who didnt have the money to pay me at the end of the session. Really? This one guy in New York didnt have the money to pay me, so he offered me his laptop for collateral. I said, Thats fine, honey. Ill hold onto your laptop until you have the money. I left New York and came back about two weeks later, and he said he had my money. So I met up with him and gave him his laptop back, and he was really mean about the whole thing. He called security and had me removed from the building. I didnt get my money, but he got his laptop back. Thats the risk thats involved with all this. Werent you nervous when all of that was happening? Yeah, but I tend to put a lot more faith in people than they deserve. I have gotten run over a lot, but its just the risk you take in this industry. You are currently single. Is it difficult to have a relationship with this kind of career? Ive had two relationships since Ive been in the porn industry. Its not that easy. Jealousy does tend to take over. The escorting side of things is an even bigger jealousy point. One of my boyfriends was not in the industry at all, and he didnt like me even talking about it. It does put a stress point on the relationship, so Im trying not to get involved with anybody right now. What do you look for in a man? I love to laugh about anything. People look at me online and think, Oh, hes a porn star, and he thinks hes all that. But thats not true. Im a Southern boy. Im crazy, and Im fun. I like to interact with people. I want a boyfriend I can lay back and laugh with while watching Chelsea Handler on TV. What did last years Hookie Award as Best Newcomer mean to you? It was the first award that I had gotten for anything X-rated. It was a feeling of accomplishment, but it also scared me a little bit. I just didnt know what people would think, but they all supported me. So it did change my life and opened my eyes to what my friends and family would think of me and what I want to do. It made me bond closer with them. You also won the Unzippy Award for Best Hair in Porn. Thats one of the things Im known for. I change it up a lot. How are you wearing it today? Its straightened, and its called an asymmetrical faux hawk. Its a faux hawk all the way down to the back and in the front it stands straight up. Its a mixture of platinum blond and a dark brown. I bet you get it on with the flat iron. Oh, yes. Every morning. What are your thoughts on the whole Tiger Woods scandal? Oh, being in the public eye is something crazy. I hope it never gets to the point with me where I have to deal with politics. With Tiger Woods, let him be. Let him and his wife talk it out. Im sure they dont need the influence from everybody around them. Who are some of your inspirations? I love Chelsea Handler. Shes a good friend of mine in L.A. Shes outright hilarious. Paula Dean too, because she stays true to who she is. Are you a fan of Lady Gagas? Ugh! At first I was. Shes kind of mellowing out with me. I also love Frank Marino. Hes my biggest inspiration. Not just because he does drag, but because Ive hung out with him quite a few times here in Vegas, and he has everything together. He just knows what hes doing, and thats what I look forward to in my future. When escorting how do you determine your fee? I mainly get into massage and dinners and movies. I try to keep it as escorting. I dont like people calling me a hooker or a prostitute. I like to keep it as safe as I can, so I can keep my job in the industry and still give people what they want. Most of my clients are fans, and they just want to go out to dinner and get to know me more than just what they see on my blog. Then its rare for you to put out when escorting? Yes. What are you the most proud of up to this point in your life? When I first started in the industry I was scared to death that I was going to let it go to my head, but that has yet to happen. I still keep in touch with my roots. To read Jasons blog, visit

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