Project Runway Trivia Quiz

Project Runway Trivia Quiz

1. Santino fabricated a relationship between Tim Gunn and Andrae in season 3. What restaurant did Santino claim Tim and Andrae frequented on a regular basis?

The Olive Garden
Red Lobster

2. Who said Heidi Klum was not as good-looking after having her baby as she was before?

Perez Hilton
Howard Stern
Donald Trump
Bill Maher

3. The Runway contestants have left the tri-state area just once. What city did they travel to?

Los Angeles

4. Project Runway has had only one openly lesbian contestant. Who was it?


5. In season 2, a skating outfit was designed for which top-rated figure skater?

Michelle Kwan
Sasha Cohen
Emily Hughes
Tanith Belbin

6. What was Tim Gunns nickname for quilt-crazy Angela in season 3?

The Art Camp Counselor
Headmistress of Jubilee Jumbles
Odd Aunt Angela
The Fleurchon Bandit

7. In season 3, what was the infraction that led to Keiths expulsion from the show?

He had pattern books in his room
He lied in his interview
He was conferring with a famous designer
He copied a design from a fellow contestant

8. Jeffrey from season 3 has the name Harrison tattooed on his neck. Who is Harrison?

His son
His deceased brother
His twin brother
His gay lover

9. Which of the following celebrities did not appear on Project Runway?

Ivanka Trump
Nicky Hilton
Mary Hart

10. Who was the celebrity judge who selected the season 2 winner?

Debbie Harry
Debra Messing
Megan Mullally
Morgan Fairchild

11. The season 1 Runway winner was Jay McCarroll. What state was he from?

New Hampshire
New Jersey

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1. Andrae, if we continue to fight in front of my colleagues at Red Lobster, were going to have to break up.
2. Donald Trump
3. Season 3s contestants were lucky enough to get flown to Paris.
4. The only openly lesbian contestant was Zulema from season 2.
5. Sasha Cohen
6. Headmistress of Jubilee Jumbles
7. Against the rules, Keith had pattern books in his room. (He also left the set without permission.)
8. His son, whose full name is Harrison Detroit Sebelia.
9. Mary Hart
10. Debra Messing helped pick Chloe Dao as winner of season 2.
11. Jay McCarroll hails from Pennsylvania.

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