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Out Magazines 2020 Subscription Change FAQ

In 2020, we will be changing the number of Out issues per year to 6. To read our notification about it, please click here.
(Notification appeared in our Sept/Oct 2019 issue)

It will not change the length of your current subscription in any way. Example: if you initially ordered a one year 10 issue subscription you will receive all 10 issues and/or any remaining issue you have left on those 10 issues. However now that we only come out 6 times per year it will take us longer to fulfill the remaining issues owed. Expect to receive issues every 45 to 50 days as appose to every 30 to 35 days.

Lastly: Starting with our Nov/Dec 2019 you will notice that your magazines shipping label will detail your new expire issue date. It will not mirror prior labels expire dates because we’ve modified to the new frequency of OUT moving forward.

All renewal orders moving forward (after September 1, 2019) will process as 6 issues per year terms. Example – a one year order will process as 6 issues, a two year will process as 12 issues, and a three year will process as 18 issues.

Good news – if you have the combo OUT print package that serves you The Advocate, moving forward they will arrive together with ever issue received. Reason: The Advocate was always served to subscribers that have the OUT-Advocate print edition subscriptions 6 times per year.

It is the same as print, if your prior order was one year 10 issues we will honor all 10 – see item #1 for more details.

As of September 6, 2019 all new order offers will process in 6 issue terms per year. The order will denote that when ordering. One additional call out regarding new orders; because we now come out 6 times per year you will experience a longer wait to receive your first issues.

If we’ve failed to answer your question with these FAQ (frequently asked questions) please feel free to reach out to us at: www.out.com/subcontact