They Came From Planet Lesbos

They Came From Planet Lesbos

You probably haven't given the sexual orientation of aliens much thought lately. (If you have, maybe there's some esoteric fetish you should let us in on.) Thankfully, director Madeleine Olnek (Hold Up, Countertransference) has done the thinking for you, and come up with a short film that mixes the best parts of 1950s B movies and New York City romantic comedies: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same.

The plot centers on three lesbian aliens from the planet Zots, who journey here to rid themselves of any romantic emotions through heartbreak (on Zots, much like Craigslist, romance is extremely undesirable). Of course, the aliens are immediately smitten with all the fetching Earth women, and heartbreak and hilarity ensue. The 75-minute, 2D, black and white film will be playing all week in Brooklyn's reRun Gastropub Theater. But given the success the movie's had at Sundance and other festivals, it could make its way to Netflix or the Sundance Channel in the coming months.


Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same TRAILER from Codependent Lesbian Space Alien on Vimeo.

Movie still by Nat Bouman.

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