The Only Picture of a Shirtless Zac Efron Riding a Horse You Need

...And five other things you need to know today.

Neighbors Director Nicholas Stroller Says "We're All Bisexual"

The director discusses filming Zac Efron

By Stacy Lambe

Ranking Zac Efron's Shirtless Movies

We review the star's skin-baring projects, from worst to best.

By R. Kurt Osenlund

Zac Efron: "I Broke My Hand on Dave Franco’s Balls"

If I had a nickel for every time that happened…

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Zac’s Posing

Efron’s perfectable/delectable manscaping

By Armond White

Zac Efron Is One Fishy Drag Queen, Seth Rogen—Not So Much

The actors do drag on The Tonight Show

By Les Fabian Brathwaite

Zac Efron Loses His Shirt at MTV Movie Awards

Thanks Rita Ora

By Stacy Lambe

MTV Teases Sexy Manwich At Movie Awards

Zac Efron, Adam Levine and Channing Tatum in one row? Yum

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First Look: Zac Efron For InStyle Magazine

Styled by our very own fashion director, Grant Woolhead

By Editors

Exclusive: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan & Miles Teller Wish You a Naughty Christmas

It's all about the eggnog and mistletoe...

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Ode to Zac Efron's Best Asset

We'll take plenty more of these sorts of 'Awkward Moments'

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