WATCH: One Direction Sings with Jimmy Fallon

The boy-banders sing a Christmas tune with Fallon and The Roots.

VIDEO: The Glass Slipper Redux

What happens when Prince Charming dumps Cinderella for Prince Valiant?

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WATCH: The Paragon School for Girls

A new web series by the director of Chloë, is a creepy, super low-budget thriller, starring some of our very favorite …

By Matthew Breen

WATCH THIS: Coco Knows Best

Miss Coco Peru offers some sage advice to her gay son about his potential prom date, in a video presented by WeHoLife …

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LISTEN: Adam Lambert and Lea Michele Cover "Barracuda"

Do they get it right, or are they desecrating a classic?

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WATCH: Never Let Coco Peru Borrow Your Car

After her first time attempt at Grand Theft Auto, Miss Coco Peru is going to need her Tension Tamer Tea

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WATCH: Christmas with Madonna and Lady Gaga

Charlie Hides TV's latest video features some of his best impersonations in one

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'Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends'

Lesbians chime in with a video about lack of marriage equality

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Straight Men Respond to Viral Threat of Gay Guys Marrying Their Girlfriends

'Feel free to marry our girlfriends. Just know…we warned you'

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