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Do you approach designing for women differently than designing for men? Is yes, how so?
Kirk: Womenswear is a bit different since it moves so quickly. The colors, textures, details tie the men's and womens together, yet the womens line is much more modern following what’s on the runways and trending  

July 07 2011 10:05 AM

While Chanel was dark and moody, Dior was colorful yet off-kilter and Givenchy was angelic and sexual, Jean Paul Gaultier's couture runway was by far the most interesting to us. First of all, he played with his eternal obsessions of blurred gender roles (men in feathered skirts? Check. And corsets? Check. Andrej Pejic as both a man and a woman? Double check.) along with his preternatural talents with regard to tailoring and stunning, hand-crafted embellishments.

July 07 2011 8:52 AM

Last night, at Manhattan's exclusive clubhouse The Norwood, director Lina Plioplyte screened her fifteen-minute documentary The Guts of Duckie Brown about Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, the duo behind the cult menswear label. Like a Noël Coward pair, the on-screen partners' bickering is more loving than most cinematic romantic professions. Perhaps one of our favorite moments of the doc is when the pair, seen below, is asked -- yet again -- the inspiration behind their latest collection.

July 07 2011 7:10 AM

July 10th is Cocksox Day. We had never heard of a Cocksox until yesterday. We beg that you visit their website, which includes a oh-so-helpful WTF tab up top (which we already have clicked, as must you). Please note, they are not advertisers, we just think this is ah-mazing. 

July 07 2011 5:30 AM

This is so evil that it's downright brilliant. Racked posted yesterday that they are currently taking submissions for nominees for their first annual Hottest Fashion Editor Competition. To hold a mirror up to the very industry that monopolizes, manipulates and monetizes vanity is just too delicious not to bite. We won't be telling you who we'll be submitting for consideration, but we'd love to hear your suggestions.

July 06 2011 11:00 AM
July 06 2011 7:49 AM

Perhaps because he's so closely tied to the world of Disney and High School Musical, we've always averted our eyes when Zac Efron's image appears before us, for fear the Catholic Church, the US government, Chris Hansen or Tom Cruise will swoop down and accuse us of getting a little too goo-goo eyed over the baby-boy. But a quick Wiki-search leaves us relieved to know that he's well into his twenties (practically ancient in gay years).

July 06 2011 7:02 AM

Um, how many pints of baby's blood do you have to drink to make sure you never get older like Ms. Kate Moss, featured here on this month's Vogue UK. 

Maison Martin Margiela opens the doors to its long-awaited hotel in Paris. If you thought there was going to be a lot of white involved, you would be correct. 

July 06 2011 5:30 AM

"I always said I wanted to have children. And as I got a little bit older, Richard, who I live with – we’ve been together 24 years – did not want children. And so I decided not to have children. But if I have children, no one will know about it until the child is born. And no one will ever see the child because I certainly wouldn’t use it as a press tool. If I have a child, you won’t notice that I had a child.

July 05 2011 10:54 AM

Cate Blanchett attended Armani Privé's fall 2011 couture show yesterday and, of course, she look ah-mazing. She wore a modified piece from his spring 2011 couture collection which was like an intergalactic mushroom trip. Cate toned it down a notch, and looked fab. We do wish she wore the saucer hat, though. Ah well. 

July 05 2011 10:24 AM