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We caught up with gender-bending model of the moment Andrej Pejic. In the video below, our fashion editor Brent Austin Coover grills Pejic on where he goes out, where he lives, and how he likes his time in New York. 


Video courtesy of Sara Karl

September 14 2011 10:20 AM

We caught-up with Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, the playfully quarrelsome team behind Duckie Brown explain the inspirations behind their spring 2012 show. Check out the madcap duo in action below. 


Video courtesy of Sara Karl

September 14 2011 10:00 AM

In the same way that everyone becomes a soccer expert overnight when the World Cup begins, during Fashion Week, suddenly people you never knewthought twice about their clothing in the morning are front row fixtures. This season, basketball players have been dominating the front row with one noted exception.

September 13 2011 9:18 AM

When Michael Bastian’s well-built models emerge, their presence is always akin to velociraptors after the skinny flamingos in all of the other shows. Finally, some guys who don’t have a 28” waist. But moving on…

September 13 2011 7:10 AM

Against a backdrop of banging early 90s techno, Patrik Ervel conjured the most well-dressed rave in history. Silver scaffolding from a fictional construction site served as a centerpiece, and models marched around it to the syncopated beat in this sleek collection – lambskin vests, aviator jackets, cut-to-a-t blazers and other Ervel staples abounded, plus the runway review of his women's designs. What truly stood out were the hand-painted, color-saturated pieces. No one has ever made a rainbow shirt and jacket look so tough and effortless.

September 13 2011 6:36 AM

Although he's already a familiar face to those who study the European runway shows, advertising campaigns and fashion editorials, Argentinean model Nicolas Ripoll is gracing America with his presence for the first time this Fashion Week. He's been making the rounds in shows like Lacoste, Siki Im, and Tommy Hilfiger. Check out the video below, because if you don't think he's cute now, wait till you hear the accent. 

September 12 2011 11:30 AM

You have to hand it to Robert Geller. While a lot of designers take their spring-summer inspiration from rote muses (Beach! Barbecues!), Geller’s outing was a much needed dark star amid what is turning out to be a prism of color. He stuck to his grey and black guns. “I’m a romantic,” Geller said backstage after his Saturday show. “The darkness is part of romance for me. It’s not pessimistic. Spring can be just as moody as fall.”

September 12 2011 9:30 AM

Loden Dager
showed off one of the week’s strongest (and boldest) collections – a mélange of prints and hyper-colors – it was like if Zac Morris from Saved By The Bell took a hip hop turn (in the best way).

“We started out looking at early skate and surfboarding,” said Paul Marlow, one of the collective’s designers, “all the faded out photographs. But it wasn’t right. So, we pumped up the colors and made it a little street.”

September 12 2011 8:36 AM

Out of all the men’s shows in New York, N. Hoolywood certainly banks on its theatricality. With each successive outing, the designer Daisuke Obana raises the bar, putting on the only men’s show that is a genuine spectacle. His debut presentation in 2010 had the street-cast models rounded up in a veritable crime wave and staged in a police identification mugshot array –- a perfect iteration of the label’s film noir DNA.

September 12 2011 7:35 AM

Scurrying back and forth to shows sure can be exhausting, but what better way to relax than to hop in bed with a couple of smokin' hot boys from Ford Models? That's exactly what our fashion team did. Check out what its like to be bed-bound with some dreamy hunks. And yes, we made them take their shirts off...perverts. 


September 11 2011 7:28 AM