Gift Guide: 2014's Best Bottles of Spirits, Bubbly & More

Whether you're looking for cocktail inspiration or a party favor, here's a selection of boozy beverages and ...

SLIDESHOW: Scenes From A Stockholm Pride

Putin wasn't there, but his presence was felt.

By Andrew Belonsky

Midnight in Paris: Hotel Jules et Jim

A bijoux hotel in the world’s most romantic city gets it just right.

By Sami Pritchard

WATCH: 'Prairie-Oke!' Musical Teaser

The totally unauthorized parody musical (formerly known as something else)—is back!

By Jerry Portwood

A Perfect Day: Big Freedia's New Orleans

The Nola native, and pioneer of bounce, shares where she likes to play in the city

By Editors

The Gayest Box in Kingston, NY

Travel tip: A very quick trip out of the city has a lasting effect.

By Andrew Belonsky

Big in Japan

Tarantino-meets–Wong Kar-Wai in these New York City cocktail hotspots

By Sami Pritchard

11 Of Your Favorite L.A. Gay Bars

In alphabetical order...

By Editors

Today in Gay History: Disneyland Opened

And inspired generations of gay boys and girls everywhere

By Editors

12 Gay Movies Straight Out of LA

There are definite themes in these 12 different movies about being gay in LA.

By Andrew Belonsky

Joey Arias & Raven O: Wanted Live

Catch the queer nightlife and performance legends in Provincetown this summer

By Editors

10 Gay Bars You Wouldn't Take Your Mother

Leather and mother don't mix.

By Editors

Must See: The One Archives in LA

How a magazine became a movement.

By Andrew Belonsky

A Taste of One Massive Archive

Seminal gay organization's spirit can be seen in LA.

By Editors

Playlist: 25 Songs About Hollywood, USA

Madge, MJ, RuPaul and others sing Tinsel Town's praises and pitfalls.

By Andrew Belonsky

$3.26 For a Snickers On Fire Island

Do high costs hurt this gay beach destination and its community?

By Andrew Belonsky

Just The Black Tip Reef

Maybe you'll see some anthiinae transition from female-to-male.

By Andrew Belonsky