Out in Mexico: Visit Xochimilco & La Isla de las Muñecas


By Out.com Editors

Don't miss these two destinations south the city's center

Photo above by Aaron Hicklin

About an hour’s drive south of the main tourist hub of Polanco and Condesa/Roma, you’ll find Mexico City’s most intriguing feature: an ancient series of canals that once extended across the Valley of Mexico. Popular for Sunday outings, the remaining canals are now thronged with flat-bottomed boats (trajineras) ferrying pleasure seekers past the district’s famous floating gardens. Mariachi bands add to the party atmosphere.

Hermit Don Julian Santana Barrera spent 50 yars weaving this creep-tastic chinampa (hanging garden) for a young girl who drowned in the Xochimilco canals 50 years ago. Considering the memorial's form—broken, mutilated dolls strung from trees and nailed to posts—it's no wonder local legend claims that the little girl's spirit peers out from their cold, plastic eyes.

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