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My production team and I look forward to being back next year in Provincetown!

June 19, 2012

As you can imagine things are pretty hectic right now. NYC pride is by far one of the largest in the world and tourists will be coming in from everywhere next week. We've actually already started to see an influx of tourists come in who felt they would get an early start to their NYC pride by popping into the parties this week. Pride is one of the most exciting times we gays experience in NYC because there's this energy present in the air that makes everyone giddier and nicer!

I, perosnally, have four events that I am running during pride and one that I am partnered with. My pride begins on Wednesday, June 20th with a kick-off at the Ritz in NYC. We have an exciting performer from London in town that goes by Holly T, she's quite fantastic and excited to get things moving with one of her electrifying performances of "What Money Wants, Money Gets." On Thursday the boys and I invade the 3 level nightclub coined Bar 13 due to it's home on 13th street and University in the West Village. And what better than a BIG porn star to start off our night by dancing nearly naked on the rooftop? Yeah, it does get better. After I try to recover from those two nights, pride weekend begins. On Friday I'm back at the Ritz and have 3 performers on all 3 levels of the nightclub (I'm not crazy, I swear)! Saturday I escape the island of Manhattan and head to Governor's island to partake in the Matinee event I'm partnered with, which promises to be one of the most exciting events of pride with a special surprise celebrity performance (HINT: This "gender" just wants to have fun)! And finally we make it to Sunday (barely!) for the BIG day! I have Kat Graham coming in from LA to perform at my rooftop pride event at 230 fifth avenue which we've appropriately named "The Rainbow Ball." Sherry Vine will be performing her parody of Kat Graham's song "Put Your Graffiti On Me" earlier (I won't mention the parodied name). Graham will take the stage later to perform the big hit.

Come Monday I will finally get to sleep (and eat)!

June 1, 2012

Hey Nighthawk readers! I'm Chris Ryan from New York City. My award winning company Chris Ryan Productions and Promotions was founded in 2006 after a very successful event that I co-produced at Splash in New York. Today I run 4 weekly events, 2 monthly events and produce events all across the world. When I'm not running my extremely busy nightlife business I'm constantly writing my book, my music blog, songs, poems, etc. And if that were busy enough, I'm also a PhD student getting my doctorate in clinical psychology. Now if that's not an interesting dichotomy I don't know what is! You can read more of my bio here. You can contact me any time by emailing me at: [email protected]

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