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My production team and I look forward to being back next year in Provincetown!

July 13, 2012

The 4th of July in Provincetown

I was invited this year to take over Provincetown's Independence week, which is one of their largest gay weeks. Being that this is one of the most well known gay weeks in the United States I was elated to receive the honor of producing all the weeks events including the big night, 4th of July.

My friends and I arrived in Provincetown on Sunday, July 1st. We checked into the host hotel and instantly began partying with friends. Being that the next day I had to set up the pool party outside the hotel I was planning on taking it easy. I brought in most of the DJ's for all the events and the major sponsors as well. Absolut OUTrageous, WET, Andrew Christian & Timoteo sponsored the pool parties that took place at the Crown and Anchor, which is Provincetown's premier gay spot. We gathered models at the pool parties and had them change into very risqué bathing suits provided by our sponsors. The bathing suits didn't leave much room for imagination to the appeasement of our guests. The models trotted around the pool and then all jumped in. They made out with each other in the pool and did other risqué things with each other. Needless to say, the hotel guests were very satisfied with my production.

4th of July was the biggest night. We all watched fireworks from the beach and the dunes and then headed to the Crown and Anchor for DJ Abel's set. The 4th was by far the biggest night of the week. The Crown and Anchor, as well as other locations, were packed to the brim with people. The majority of guests were from New York, Boston and surprisingly Montreal. The 4th ended up being a huge success which resulted in pure happiness for all those that attended the events.

My production team and I look forward to being back next year in Provincetown!

June 25, 2012

Hey Nighthawks!

Thanks for visiting me over here once again! NYC PRIDE was absolutely epic as you can imagine. Epic in every sense of the word I should say. PRIDE is what you make of it and us NYC-ers aren't afraid to show more than a little pride. NYC gays were empowered, the energy was extreme and the happiness in people's eyes was contagious. Now let me tell you how I added to that!

My pride began on Wednesday, June 20th at the Ritz in NYC. I brought in a fantastic performer from London by the name of Holly T. to perform. She turned my crowd out at the Ritz with a stunning performance of "What Money Wants, Money Gets." The girl did a few spins and worked the stage/stairs in a very energetic performance that had the crowd begging for more. So naturally, she did one more and it was appropriately titled "Queen B*tch" (for all those b*tches who think they are QUEEN)!

Thursday got a bit more "cray-cray" when gays from all over the world helped us invade Bar 13 in the West Village. I personally like to invade all areas of NYC so I have my events appropriately placed in every gay "corner" of the city. We took over a three-level nightclub on Thursday with 5 different DJs, one HOT act by the name of Tokyo Black and dozens of cute boys including some hot Cocky Boys that came by after their stop-in at XL. We got wet in a big pool that we set up on our roof deck, then got even more wet as we dance the night away on the other two levels!

Friday we were at the Ritz once again in HK. I opened all three levels of the Ritz to allow for a MEGA gay party in HK (one of the biggest of all nights). We had the incredible LOVARI perform on our first level. He got the crowd screaming, clapping and dancing like crazy! It was rather an epic start to the weekend!

Saturday I headed to the event I am partnered in, Matinee. The boys and I got our dancing gear on and headed to Governor's Island for the water park themed event that included a giant inflatable slide, rainbow colored palm trees, decked out dancers and several other eye-stractions! The beautiful siren, Natasha Beddingfield, came on stage around 10:30 to perform her string of hits including a few hot newer tracks of other people. From nearly 4pm to 11pm we danced on the floor before heading back to the ferry and back to Manhattan.

Finally it was the big day! The streets were filled with tourists and of course NYC's own gays, gay-lebrities, drag queens, transexuals, lesbians and many more! We FILLED the streets with pride. The parade was an enormous success and our captain, Cyndi Lauper, showed her pride comfortably in a convertible that slowly wandered down the street. Later that night I had my spectacular event at 230 fifth avenue with Kat Graham and the incomparable Sherry Vine. As I promised, Mrs. Vine performed her hilarious version of Graham's "Put Your Graffiti On Me." We filled the rooftop and penthouse with a delectable group of gays that were happy but the exhaustion was in everyone's eyes by the end of the night. By 1am we were ready to head home and call it a night!

PRIDE was everything and NYC showed that to the fullest!

With Love,

Chris Ryan

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