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My production team and I look forward to being back next year in Provincetown!


August 29, 2012

Hey Nighthawkers!

It's been a while since I've posted here but it's been one crazy summer in NYC! As you must imagine things don't slow down they only get crazier in NYC. They don't call me one of the hardest working men in nightlife for nothing!

For the past few weeks I've been engaged in multiple projects including the authoring of a book, production of a music festival and the production/promotion of my four weekly events in NYC. My loyal hosts/Djs/attendees and I have been non-stop with our crazy events making sure that everyone that visits and lives in NYC is having NON-STOP F-U-N!

Our Nymfo-Disco Wednesdays in NYC teamed has become bigger than ever imagined. The dance party is mid-week and yet it keeps going until 4am (and sometimes even later). Our Invasion Thursdays have been one of the most unique and crazy events of the summer with people from all walks of life attending. We've had several unique parties that have captured the interest of those that would not normally come out. For example, last week we did a paint party at Invasion in which we asked everyone to wear a white t-shirt so that we could all paint phrases and images on the other. It was one of the most fun parties that NYC has seen! My FLEX Fridays events have had the boys of Hell's Kitchen goggly-eyed at the amount of eye candy and the muscle flexing that takes place. Last week we had a hot pop/dance duo, Kyven, (formerly featured on MTV) perform for the crowd. People were literally begging for more music from them, it was insane! Twist'D Saturdays has just been nuts, you can barely move in G Lounge. People are unbelievably intrigued by the nearly-naked Twister with our hot go-go boys and our HOT attendees. If guests aren't into the whole idea of being "nearly-naked" they can play the beer pong, which comes after. It's so much fun watching people trying to do beer pong at 1am!

Exciting news came this week as my business partner, Nathan Kelly, and I decided to move our event Thursdays from Bar 13 to Splash as of Thursday, September 20th. We're going to keep up with our crazy and unique themes but we're going to add a mix to the program. I've always been one for diversity and a fusion of sorts. We're going to appeal to more audiences with different shows, themes, hosts, DJs and more. We've already begun to plot out our ideas and we're VERY excited to share the final product with you!

Be sure to check out our exclusive event with OUT on Thursday, September 20th at XL before we head over to Splash at 10pm!


Chris Ryan

Sexiness A-La-Mode @ Twist'D Saturdays


Sexiness @ Nymfo-Disco


SEXXXY-Ness @ Flex Fridays


Paint Party @ Invasion Thursdays

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