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My production team and I look forward to being back next year in Provincetown!

September 14, 2012

Hi Nighthawkees!

Life has been crazy lately and is only getting CRAZIER! I adopted a cute puppy named Charlie for the week and my love for animals has grown even further.  He's the cutest darn puppy in the world! I also started classes this week at the New School to finish up my PhD in clinical psychology (yeah you heard that right). As if my life wasn't busy enough, now it's even busier!

I'm making some changes in nightlife to keep things fresh and alive.  As I mentioned last week I'll be starting a new party at Splash on Thursday, Sept. 20th called FUSION. The party is mixup of diversified music, styles, hosts, trends, themes, etc. We want to give people a bit of everything while still keeping it cohesive. We have SAK NOEL performing his hit single "Loca People" on October 4th. We also have scheduled Adam Lambert, Scissor Sisters, Carly Rae Jepsen and MORE for our future lineup! We have a slew of HOT BOYS (check the event wall for photos of them) hosting the events for us and the hottest DJs NYC has to offer. I expect to see all my Nighthawks there!

My group GSS (Gay, Sexy and Sophisticated) has grown exponentially. We are international with one member this week saying that they were recognized in a grocery store in Amsterdam by another GSS-er. The guy went up to him and said "I've seen you in GSS before, just wanted to say hi." I was thoroughly impressed by this admission. We are one of the most looked at and intelligent discussion groups on FB. We had to move our first event at XL to Friday, October 5th  due to scheduling issues. We're looking very forward to this event!

I'll be moving my Saturday party, Twist'D, to a new venue on October 14th.  Stay tuned for details of our new venue! :)

Be sure to come check out my new event on Thursday, Sept. 20th at SPLASH!


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