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We recently relaunched our Friday nights with a new fun summer theme calling it SUMMER OF HYPE.

August 29, 2012

I am sitting here writing this blog in shock over the fact that the summer is pretty much over with. Well for LA, we have summer for most of the year, but you get my point. Labor Day weekend is here and LA is buzzing because one of the biggest gay dance festivals is making its debut here in LA. The AMAZING Los Angeles Festival (part of the world famous MATINEE family) is set to kick off this Friday and keep the beats going all weekend long. I am lucky enough to be apart of this incredible lineup of original creative events. The dancers are beyond gorgeous and the shows are top notch, the lineup of DJ’s is insane including International DJ Hector Fonseca, DJ J.Louis, DJ Theresa, Billy Lace, Gino Santos, Justin Dawson, Nina Flowers, and LA favs Morningstar, Beau Dasher, and Derek Monteiro, and I haven’t even gotten to the incredible lineup of musical acts performing including Rye Rye (who just got off tour with the Scissor Sisters), actress & singer Taryn Manning, and pop superstar Adam Lambert. So basically if you haven’t gotten the drift already, if you are in LA this weekend you MUST be apart of this festival. You can get all the dish on AMAZING at www.amazingfestival.com.

I wanted to give a quick shout out to one of the most valuable parts of my nightlife team, Ms. Rhea Litre who is heading to NYC for awhile and leaving us in LA to take over the big apple (for a bit anyways). NYC I hope you are ready for this bitches insane talent. Every single time she steps onto that show, she gives you 110% and NOBODY does it like her. NO ONE. Treat her well and send her back to us often. I love you Rhea. #Aweyeah (PS: If you haven’t already, buy her new single with Drag Race Superstar WILLAM, “Let’s Have a KaiKai” – it’s pretty freaking amazing and the video is coming soon.)

Now I wanted to do something new and fun this week, so I sat down with my good friends Louis Verdi & Joseph Capponi, the stars of LOGO’s hot new summer show, IN THE BIG HOUSE. We dished about the show, their relationship, and what they are like in bed. You know the important stuff…HA! Check it out and make sure to watch IN THE BIG HOUSE on Monday nights on LOGO!

WW: Soooo…How did you guys meet?
L: Joey and I met on Grindr. He lives like 2,000 ft from me. (laughs) It's funny because the day before he messaged me I actually showed my friend his picture and was saying how cute I thought he was. It's dumb but I always felt weird messaging someone first so of course when he messaged me and I freaked out a little in my head.
J: We met up for a milkshake. I thought Louis was so cute! He was such a gentleman.

WW: That’s true gay love for ya! (laughs) What do you find most attractive about one another?
L: His smile makes me smile and that's attractive.
J: One of the many things that I love about Louis is that he is very levelheaded. He has a way of making me feel like everything is going to be okay, even in the stickiest of situations.

WW: Okay I know this is an odd question but I love asking it; If you had to compare yourself to a Muppet which one would you be and why?

L: Gonzo. Probably because he's crazy and no one knows what the f@ck he is!
J: My Muppet would probably be Zoot. We both play the sax, and seem to have a similar sense of humor.

WW: Ok, favorite song out right now?
L: I'm thinking Azealia Banks "1991".
WW: I love that bitch.
J: Well, I'm currently listening to "Intro" by The XX.

WW: What is something that inspires you?
L: Music. There is a song for every situation.
J: I get inspired in a lot of different way, and by a lot of different things. I would say my parents inspire me. They've shown me what unconditional love is, and what it feels like to have a solid support system. It's a great feeling knowing that, no matter what, they've got my back and are looking out for my best interest. Believe me, I've tested this theory MANY times, and 100% of the time they've proven it to be true.
WW: Aww that’s sweet.

WW: Tell me what your definition of love is?
L: For me love is an amazing, indescribable, overwhelming feeling for someone. It's magic.
J: Love is a combination of a lot of things. For me, it's an immense closeness to another person. It is an experience. It includes the ability to recognize that other person's needs, and meet them. It requires a lot of understanding and patience on both sides. Love feels like a swift kick in the gut.

WW: Aight…Spill the T…Describe yourself in bed in one word?
L: Gay.
J: Devastating.
WW: (laughs) Thanks Lou & Joey!

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