The Out Guide to London


By Editors

Embrace your inner Anglophile.

Tea Time

You don’t have to go to London to get a good cup of tea.

Modern convenience has not treated tea kindly. The American style -- lukewarm water and a Lipton teabag -- is a crime against taste. Teabags should only be considered at home as matter of last resort. It’s not tea; it’s dust. First things first: If you can make tea in a pot, do. Secondly, invest in bone china cups (above)—tea really does taste better in fine china. Finally, boil your water just once -- over-boiling flattens the flavor—and warm the pot with a splash before adding two or three teaspoons of tea. For a good breakfast tea, try Yorkshire Gold, a blend of teas from Assam, Kenya, and Rwanda, either loose or bagged. As for the most vexing question of all -- milk or tea first -- we consult George Orwell, who wrote, in an entire essay on tea-making, “The milk-first school can bring forward some fairly strong arguments, but I maintain that… by putting the tea in first and stirring as one pours, one can exactly regulate the amount of milk.”

From left: Christofle teacup and saucer, $130,; Wedgwood Harlequin Butterfly Bloom Blue Peony teacup and saucer, $50; Versace Home Medusa d’Or cup, $160, and saucer, $70; Wedgwood Harlequin Butterfly Bloom Spring Blossom teacup and saucer, $50; Raynaud teacup, $70, and saucer, $44,






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