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English Crisps: A Field Guide

The potato chip may be an American invention, but the English have raised it to sublime levels of absurdity. A British company, Smith’s, started flavoring chips, or crisps, in 1961, starting with basics like Salt & Vinegar. But the taste craze reached epic proportions; at the 2010 World Cup of Crisps, Scottish Haggis, Japanese Chicken Teriyaki, and Spaghetti Bolognese flavors debuted. Somehow, we don’t think they’ll last as long as these hits.

1. Prawn Cocktail
The chip that screams 1970s dinner party.

2. Hula Hoops
Short hollow cylanders in BBQ beef flavor.

3. Monster Munch
A pickled-onion-flavored puffed corn snack and a lunchbox staple.

4. Cheese & Onion
Likely the single most popular flavor in the U.K. Not a date-night chip.

3 More to Try:

Tomato Ketchup
The American condiment is no longer a supporting cast member with these crisps.

An acquired taste based on the yeasty, bitter spread.

Bacon-flavored winner of the 2012 World Cup of Crisps.


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