Miami Art Deco Be Poppin'


By Andrew Belonsky

Take a tour of Miami's bold, color-soaked art deco-lined streets.

The art deco movement sprang up in Paris during that contradictory interwar period of optimistic cosmopolitanism and universal economic depression. The world had just come through a conflict so great that it seemed, at the time, to be the war to end war.

For those who could enjoy the sunshine, the future looked bright, and as Miami Beach rose from the ocean, the art deco look arrived stateside, spawning an entire colony of American cousins along the Atlantic. For decades the bold colors, geometric patterns and use of metal and moulding have provided a backdrop, and set the tone, for Miami's party culture.

Upscale art book publishers Rizzoli were kind enough to share ten images from Steven Brooke's incredible collection of images, Miami Beach Deco, celebrating the incredible, unparalleled art deco architecture by the seashore.

Above:  Sherbrooke Hotel; MacKay & Gibbs, 1947

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